Tuition Rates

TUITION RATES for 2016-2017 School Year
Toddlers: Monday/Wednesday   $2244.00/year
                Tuesday/Thursday     $2244.00/year
Twos: Monday/Wednesday        $2064.00/year 
           Tuesday/Thursday           $2064.00/year
            Additional Day/Friday     $816.00/year

Threes: Mon/Wed/Fri                 $2499.00/year
             Tuesday/Thursday        $1632.00/year
Fours: Monday - Friday AM        $3468.00/year
            Monday - Friday PM        $3468.00/year
            4 Days/week AM             $2877.00/year
            4 Days/week PM             $2877.00/year
Tuition is billed in three installments: May, November, and February. Tuition is refundable at 50% for withdrawals made before August 1. Registration Fee ($175.) is not refundable. There is a $100.00 rebate applied to the February tuition installment.