Threes Class

The Threes class is for children who are three years old by September 1st of the current school year.  Typically today’s three year olds are familiar with the phrase “going to school” and associate it with something they will be doing and which is enjoyable.  The most important focus in a threes classroom is the social/emotional area of development and its overall impact on the whole child.  Three year olds are learning to trust that parents, teachers, and other people will take good care of them which opens up a whole social world for them.   They now can express themselves in words and ideas.  They begin building relationships and practice the skills for making and keeping a friend(s).  While they are still quite egocentric, they enjoy friends and want to be part of a group.    The children grow in their ability to learn and show enthusiasm regarding the learning process itself. 
Responsive and caring teachers help three year olds:
  • Learn values and practice pro-social behaviors accepted by society.  
  • Identify who they are and develop a level of confidence and competency in themselves.
  • Learn to problem solve.   
  • Start to think logically and symbolically.   
  • Continue to develop their large and small motor abilities.  
  • Use all of their senses to understand their world as they sort and classify the information around them.   
  • Enjoy books, music, and conversation   
  • Have fun with other children and teachers as they learn through play.
Threes Class Schedule
  • 9:00-9:10am 
    • Arrival, hand washing and children check themselves in.  Parents sign-in their child.
  • 9:10-9:30am  
    • First circle: explanation of the day, weather, job schedule, discussion of  the different learning centers.  During the 2nd semester a letter per week is also introduced at first circle time.
  • 9:30-10:20am 
    • Free choice time where children explore the learning centers and table-top
      activities such as process art.  Children are encouraged to participate in self-initiated play activities and some teacher-directed activities.
  • 10:20 -10:30am 
    • Children participate in a clean-up time and prepare to go outside. 
  • 10:30 -10:50am  
    • Outside time with large motor activities.  Large motor room is used on inclement weather days.   Socialization is facilitated and encouraged.
  • 10:50 -11:15am  
    • Wash hands, prepare for and enjoy a snack .Children pray before snack. Teacher sits with the children and encourages communication and models appropriate behavior.
  • 11:15 -11:30am 
    • Group time with a story, finger-play, or music followed by dismissal.  Parent signs-out their child.